The Breath of the Dragon
A Culinary Journey

This Maison Marmite collection brings together four donut recipes inspired by the heritage of ancient China; each donut is a fusion of traditional flavors and creativity. More than a taste experience, these donuts are a celebration of the stories and flavors that have marked one of the world’s greatest cultures. So, face The Breath of the Dragon.

The Caravan of Flavors
A Gastronomic Odyssey

This collection of four tofu recipes pays homage to the diversity and richness of international culinary art, bringing together unique flavors and traditions from different horizons. From Thailand to Japan, passing through Canada and France, Maison Marmite invites you on a gastronomic odyssey where tradition and creativity meet harmoniously. Join The Caravan of Flavors.

The Ice Banquets
Welcome to Viking Lands

Inspired by a Scandinavian legend, this collection takes you to the Viking lands and invites you to discover the authentic flavors of the North, celebrating the fusion of tradition and culinary innovation. This selection of recipes highlights the culinary riches of the Nordic countries, combining root vegetables, robust grains, and wild herbs. So, sit at the table in the presence of valiant Vikings and together let’s celebrate The Ice Banquets.

Anima Tauri
Gastronomy and Mythology

Since ancient times, the Bull has been revered for its strength and spirituality. Maison Marmite invites you on a journey through time, exploring the strength and spirituality of the Bull through history and myths. Anima Tauri is a celebration of diversity, a bridge between modern cuisine and ancestral tales, offering a gastronomic journey that is both conscious and innovative.

Cooking with the stars
An Astrological Culinary Journey

Cooking with the Stars” is a culinary odyssey that invites you to explore the harmony between astrology and the art of cooking. Through a series of plant-based recipes, we offer you a chance to rediscover the zodiac signs from a gastronomic perspective, where each dish reflects the characteristics and nuances of each constellation.