Tips for Perfect Donuts

Donuts are more than just a sweet treat; they’re a true culinary science in their own right. So, how do you achieve that perfect blend of sweetness, softness, and crispiness? Here are some tips to guide you.

Avoid Over-mixing the Dough

Over-mixing is one of the most common pitfalls when making pastries. When the dough is mixed too much, it becomes tough and elastic instead of light and fluffy. This transformation is due to the excessive development of gluten, a protein present in wheat flour. In short, mix just enough to integrate the ingredients, but stop as soon as the dough is homogeneous.

Understanding the Impact of Gluten

Gluten is essential for giving structure to your pastries, but an excess can be detrimental. For donuts, a moderate level of gluten is ideal. Gluten develops when water is added to flour and the mixture is stirred. That’s why some experts recommend using a low-protein flour if you’re looking for an especially tender texture. Don’t forget that some ingredients, like vinegar or yogurt, can interact with gluten and alter the final texture.

The Choice of Molds: Metal or Silicone?

The choice of mold type can affect not only the ease of unmolding your donuts but also their texture and appearance. Metal molds are generally preferred for their ability to conduct heat evenly, which ensures a more consistent bake. However, they may require more careful greasing to prevent the donuts from sticking. Silicone molds, on the other hand, are easier to handle and often don’t require additional greasing, but they can sometimes give donuts a slightly different texture. If you opt for silicone, make sure the mold is of good quality and heat-resistant to get the best results. In both cases, make sure to follow the specific instructions for your mold type to optimize your chances of success.

Temperature is Key, Even in the Oven

If you’re used to the idea that donuts need to be fried, be aware that all the recipes Maison Marmite offers are designed for baking, providing a healthier alternative. Not only does this method avoid excessive oil absorption, but it also allows for more precise temperature control. However, make no mistake: good mastery of the oven temperature is just as crucial for successful donuts. Too high a temperature can dry out your donuts, while too low a temperature can make them doughy. Non-professional ovens, like the ones most of us have in our kitchens, often have approximate temperatures. That’s why Maison Marmite recommends the purchase of an oven thermometer for more precise baking. We’ve published an article on this topic here, which could be very useful to you.

Do Not Neglect the Resting Time

Allowing the dough to rest can also make a significant difference. This time allows the wet ingredients to properly hydrate the flour, which can result in a more uniform texture for your donuts. For the majority of recipes that Maison Marmite offers, a resting period of 30 minutes is often sufficient, but if you are in a rush, there’s no need to stress: your donuts will still be fantastic even without resting time.

The Secret Tool for Perfect Filling

Using a piping bag (without a nozzle) is a simple yet effective trick for evenly filling your donut molds. It might not be the first method that comes to mind, but it offers several advantages. First, it allows you to precisely control the amount of batter in each mold cavity, ensuring more uniform baking. Second, it’s an excellent way to avoid the mess that can come with using a spoon or spatula. This way, you get neater-looking donuts without having to worry about smoothing the batter or cleaning up spills. Lastly, a piping bag enables you to work more quickly, which is particularly handy when you have several batches to prepare.

The Choice of Fatse

The choice of fat is crucial and can greatly influence the taste and texture of your donuts. Here are some vegan options and their characteristics:

Deodorized coconut oil: it adds richness to the dough without the distinctive taste of virgin coconut oil. Generally available in solid form, it is advisable to melt it in a double boiler or microwave until liquid before incorporating it with other ingredients. Be careful not to overheat it; too high a temperature could alter its qualities.
Sunflower oil: a neutral option that won’t alter the taste of your donuts, prized for its versatility in baking.
Melted vegetable margarine: it can give the dough a slightly moister texture, due to its water content, while having a neutral taste that allows the other flavors of the recipe to stand out.
Canola or rapeseed oil: these oils have a neutral taste and are perfectly suited for baking donuts, thanks to their high-temperature cooking profile.

Each type of fat can uniquely affect the final texture: coconut oil tends to produce a firmer crumb, while margarine can make the dough airier. Sunflower and canola oils are often preferred for their neutral taste and are ideal for vegan pastries. Do not hesitate to experiment with these different fats to find the option that best suits your taste preferences and the desired texture for your donuts.

Brown Sugar or White?

The type of sugar you use can also impact the flavor and color of your donuts. Refined white sugar offers a neutral sweetness that does not affect the color of the batter, which can be ideal for vanilla donuts or other delicate flavors. Brown sugar, on the other hand, brings a hint of molasses and a darker shade to your donuts, which can be an excellent choice for recipes with more robust flavors like coffee or cinnamon. However, it’s worth noting that brown sugar has a slightly higher moisture content, which can slightly alter the texture of your donuts. Depending on the recipe and your preferences, you might even consider mixing the two types of sugar to get the flavor and texture that suit you.

Choose the Right Glaze

The glaze can turn a good donut into an exceptional one. Whether you prefer classic powdered sugar or something more adventurous like a pistachio and cardamom glaze, make sure your glaze complements the flavors of the dough well.

And to conclude, some good news!

Making perfect donuts might seem like a challenge, but with these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to delighting your friends and family with bakery-worthy donuts.

It is with immense pleasure that Maison Marmite presents its own collection of donut recipes: “Love, Peace & Donuts”! Recipes with basic ingredients, to be made in just 30 minutes, including baking time, all without ever compromising their flavor and lightness! And don’t hesitate to let your creativity run wild, whether it’s with the glaze or the decoration.

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