My Bombay Store

Contrary to ordinary shelving and, as the name suggests, the Indian dish rack is meant to hang above your sink, so it serves as a drying rack as well as a shelf! A concept that should titillate those who hate drying dishes…

But, you have to admit that the design element is fabulous and, moreover, this type of shelving allows you to have everything at hand, thanks to a series of compartments. You can have your recipe books right next to your plates, you can hang your coffee mugs and/or kitchen utensils, as well as stacking glasses and bowls.

My Bombay Store is a company out of France but their dish racks are produced in India, by a small family owned business in the centre of Mumbai, in a neighbourhood that specialises in kitchen utensils. Everything is made of stainless steel, which is very resistant to humidity and which, despite it being extremely lightweight, can support surprisingly heavy loads.

The shelves come in different sizes so everyone can choose what best suits their needs. Just think about the items you really use on a daily basis and, of course, how many people in the household… the rest can be stored away in cupboards.

We’re far removed from the industrial shelving units, produced by the millions and the unique design means that these shelves don’t look out of place in any kind of kitchen, whether contemporary or standard issue. That said, they obviously don’t have to be mounted above your sink; they can easily be used as shelving in any room!

My Bombay Store is located in France but delivers just about anywhere in the world; delivery times vary between 2 and 7 days.