Frankfurter Brett

Well… this is seemingly the Rolls Royce of cutting boards from a technological viewpoint, but alas also in the price department! At least for some models, but you can start with a basic model and build up over time.

Frankfurter Brett is obviously what you’d call “top of the range” equipment but, honestly, I’ve been using one for years and I can’t really imagine being without it. It really is the most indispensable item for anyone who spends hours in their kitchen.

Frankfurter Brett was conceived by Johannes Schreiter and Joseph Schreiter, a cook and a designer, who spent three years developing their brand. The concept is simple: each edge of the board (5 versions available) has metal elements that allow you to attach containers to collect your chopped veggies. The peels and left-over bits can also easily be swiped into one of those container.

The containers exist in plastic but I, personally, prefer the stainless steel ones. There are additional accessories to place behind your cutting board, to hang knives, other containers or even a place for your iPad or recipe book, thus creating an entire workstation. Frankfurter Brett is clearly more than just a cutting board. It’s a bit of a must-have for serious cooks.