Chocolate Domes with Light Mousse and Crunchy Hazelnut Base

Making chocolate domes with a velvety mousse and a crunchy base is a bit like playing pastry chef at home. Clearly, it requires a bit of time and organization, but the pleasure of seeing the result is unparalleled! Between us, it’s not just a recipe; it’s almost a personal feat when you demold these little wonders.

Technically speaking, yes, there are a few tricks to master, such as tempering the chocolate or whipping the coconut cream. But don’t panic, it’s a chance to challenge yourself and shine in the kitchen. And then, it’s all worth it: just imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they bite into their dome! Plus, Maison Marmite is by your side; we’ve tried to give you the clearest and most detailed instructions possible.

In our recipe, the coconut cream can come from either a metal can or a carton. For cans, after refrigeration, the cream separates from the liquid and rises to the top, perfect for whipping. Carton coconut creams, often more homogeneous, contain stabilizers that facilitate whipping. For both, refrigerating before use is crucial to achieve a perfect mousse texture. Whether you opt for the can or the carton, your dessert will benefit from a smooth and airy texture.

The suggested method of adding the crunchy base directly on top of the mousse within the dome offers an easy and convenient solution for everyone. However, if you have cookie cutters, you also have the option to prepare circular bases in advance. Then, fill the domes completely with mousse and stick the prepared bases on top. This alternative can provide a different finishing touch depending on the tools at your disposal.

Go ahead, give it a try! This dessert is the final touch that turns a meal with friends or family into a truly special moment. Yes, it takes some hands-on effort, but I promise, this is one of those recipes you’ll remember… and ask for again!

Chocolate Domes with Light Mousse and Crunchy Hazelnut Base

This dessert is the final touch that turns a meal with friends or family into a truly special moment. Yes, it takes some hands-on effort, but I promise, this is one of those recipes you'll remember... and ask for again!
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Prep Time 45 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Temps de repos 20 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine French
Servings 6 domes


  • Silicone half-sphere molds
  • Kitchen thermometer
  • Kitchen brush


For the chocolate dome:

  • 150 g dark chocolate

For the mousse:

  • 200 g dark chocolate
  • 400 ml refrigerated coconut cream can or carton
  • 40 g icing sugar

For the crunchy base:

  • 100 g puffed rice cereal like Rice Krispies
  • 50 g crushed hazelnuts
  • 150 g dark chocolate


Tempering Chocolate:

  • Melt the Chocolate: Melt two-thirds of your chocolate over a double boiler, making sure the water doesn't touch the bottom of the bowl containing the chocolate. The steam should gently heat the bowl, allowing the chocolate to melt without direct heat contact, which could burn it. Heat until the chocolate reaches 45-50°C for dark chocolate.
  • Cool the Chocolate: Remove the chocolate from heat and add the remaining third of chopped chocolate. Stir until well incorporated and the temperature drops to about 27°C.
  • Reheat the Chocolate: Briefly return the chocolate to the double boiler until it reaches 31-32°C. It's now ready for coating or molding.

Creating Domes:

  • Line the silicone half-sphere molds with a thin layer of tempered chocolate using a brush, ensuring the entire inner surface of the mold is covered.
  • Chill the molds in the refrigerator for a few minutes to allow the chocolate to harden.
  • Apply a second layer if necessary to ensure there are no thin or transparent areas, especially if the mold is flexible.
  • Chill again until the chocolate is completely solid.
  • Demold just before filling with the mousse.
  • Notes: making several thin layers instead of one thick layer ensures a more uniform and sturdy dome that will hold well when demolded.


  • Melt the dark chocolate over a double boiler.
  • Whip the refrigerated coconut cream with a kitchen mixer or an electric whisk to create a mousse.
  • Incorporate 40g of icing sugar.
  • Gradually and gently mix in the melted dark chocolate, which should be cooled but still liquid, to maintain the preparation's airiness. Use a spatula and folding motions to keep the mousse light.
  • Fill the demolded domes with the mousse, leaving about 1 cm free at the top for the crunchy base.

Crunchy Base:

  • Melt the chocolate over a double boiler and mix in the puffed rice cereal and crushed hazelnuts.
  • Let the mixture cool slightly; it should not solidify but also not be too hot.
  • Gently add on top of the mousse in each shell up to the edge of the dome. Chill to set well.
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